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Excellence in Education is not just another need in India. It is a pre-requisite for a healthy democracy. But what does quality in Education entail – well-paid institutions, even better-paid coaching’s, high ratings for television news programs. Or is there a different way in which excellence in Digital Edge Education can be defined in India?

Digital Edge Education Society (DEES) for merit in Education is dedicated to promoting quality in Education, which implies independence of Education that is practiced in the mindfulness of the diversity that marks the country, respect for privacy and a desire to shine the light at not merely those in the arc lights, but those in the crevices and cracks. It is committed to promoting a more engaged student by ensuring that Education in all its forms leads to debate and discussion at different levels in the classroom, career in country. It seeks to promote brilliance through education, research and archiving.

“We have to ensure students of any age are given the opportunity to succeed and thrive in the digital age.”